Murphy Demands Congressman Grimm Address Corruption Allegations

Mark Murphy called out his opponent in the race for the 11th Congressional District, Republican incumbent Michael Grimm, demanding he “come clean” about fundraising issues which are currently being investigated by the FBI.

It was recently revealed that a Brooklyn federal grand jury subpoenaed several of Grimm’s campaign workers to investigate allegedly illegal contributions to his 2010 congressional campaign, bringing the FBI investigation first reported by the New York Times back into the spotlight.

“More and more of his activities are generating serious concern from law enforcement officials and community leaders. Voters recognize that Grimm cannot serve his own constituents and address their needs so long as a dark cloud of federal scrutiny covers everything he does.” Murphy said. “Will you, as an ex-FBI agent demand accountability of your staff and demand that they be open and forthright with the FBI, and will you do the same?”

Grimm issued a response calling the allegations a “desperate and false character attack”:

As a former FBI Special Agent and a Marine Corps combat veteran, I have spent most of my adult life serving this country and standing up for the rule of law. Anyone who knows me and my values understands that these allegations are false, malicious, and have no basis whatsoever in truth.
Unlike those who have repeatedly and unlawfully leaked details of the investigation, I will not comment on grand jury proceedings out of respect for the process. We have stated consistently for six months now that we contacted the Justice Department and other appropriate agencies immediately after the New York Times irresponsibly raised these anonymous, false allegations in January. Importantly, the OCE – the only agency to have completed its review – voted unanimously and on a bipartisan basis to recommend dismissing these false allegations.

A spokesperson for Murphy responded later that night, insisting that voters demand to know the truth behind the allegations against Grimm.

Video courtesy of Politicker.