Murder Down 20% in NYC Compared to 2011

2011 Murder in NYC

According to the NYPD, as of yesterday there had been 136 murders in New York City–four of those were in our 70th Precinct. Citywide, that’s less than one murder per day, and 20% lower than last year. If the trend continues, New York City will experience a new record low by the year’s end.

They also released the stats about 2011 shown above. Here are some bits of analysis about the 515 people who were classified as homicide victims in the city last year:

• 38% of those homicides occurred in Brooklyn–the most in any borough.

• The most popular reason for murder? Dispute/revenge, at 38%.

• Most murders occurred between 11pm and 5am.

• Black New Yorkers, who make up 23% of the city’s population, represent 62% of those murdered.

• 54% of all murders of women were incidents of domestic violence, compared to 9% of murders of men.

• 75% of murder suspects were between the ages of 16 and 37.


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