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New Staging Site For Belt Pkwy Construction On Shore Pkwy, East 14th St (CORRECTED)


CORRECTION (5/30/2012 @ 11:14 a.m.): Looks like our source was flat out wrong on this one. We just got a call from Community Board 15 Chairperson Theresa Scavo, who told us that this is not part of the MTA track work as we originally stated, but rather a staging area for construction on the Belt Parkway.

The project is overseen by the Department of Design and Construction, and will be a rehabilitation of the Belt Parkway from Coney Island Avenue to Knapp Street. At a cost of $8.3 million, it includes the milling and repaving of the road in two sections – Coney Island Avenue to East 26th Street, and Brown Street to Knapp Street. They will also be replacing or making repairs to catch basins, storm sewers and landscaping, according to a city notice.

Construction is currently slated to finish by November 2012.nue and East 26th Street, and Brown and Knapp Streets.

Original post:

MTA workers have spent the last week or two preparing a new staging site for construction along the Brighton Line, underneath the tracks adjacent to the westbound Belt Parkway.

Trucks and other equipment will enter the site from Shore Parkway at East 14th Street, a congested stretch of roadway prone to speeders, nestled in between an exit ramp and an entrance ramp to the highway.

The authority set up a similar staging area in March two blocks away, on East 15th Street between Avenue Y and Avenue Z, and work on that section appears to be wrapping up.

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  1. That area doesn’t get enough light for healthy trees and grass IMO. 

    The area is ideal for a Dog Run IMO. If they can fit them into Manhattan they can make room in Brooklyn too.

  2. There were 70 year old trees there. And years ago, when the area was properly maintained, grass and even flowers. The trees were there to create a shield, buffering the highway from impacting on the community. Trees filter sound, as well as emissions.

  3. They were set up by us for quite some time now. The noise was round the clock every weekend. I understood why they had to make noise. I’ll tell you these guys worked their butts off and did what seems to be a good job.
    What really pissed me off though was the a-hole drivers that think leaning on their horns will make the traffic in front of them move faster. I will vote for anyone who propses to remove horns from all cars. Maybe give something for Schumer to think about.

  4. Good news, it appears that no trees were harmed in this project.The area is fenced off in such a way to protect any of the trees from an accident.


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