MTA Considers Four Fare Hikes for 2013

MTA Considers Four Fare Hikes for 2013

Four fare-hike proposals are being submitted to the MTA board on Monday and, if passed, will go into effect in March, reports NBC.

The complete details of the proposals are not available yet, but this is what has been reported thus far:

• One proposal raises the monthly unlimited MetroCard cost to $125, an increase of $21.The price of unlimited weekly MetroCards would increase $5 to $34. The base $2.25 fare for single bus and subway rides would remain unchanged.

• A second proposal would slash MetroCard bonuses from 7 to 5 percent. Weekly unlimited MetroCards would cost $5 more.

• Another proposal would slash the 7% bonus completely and increase the monthly and weekly MetroCard costs by $15 and $3.

• Two of the proposals raise the base fare a quarter to $2.50.

Many of these ideas are similar to what MTA Chairman Jospeh Lhota discussed just last month.