Movies & TV Shows Filmed In Ditmas Park, 2016 Update

(Photo by Alex Kritsky / Midwood Productions)
Tom Hanks on the local set for Steven Spielberg’s Bridge of Spies. (Photo by Alex Kritsky / Midwood Productions)

It’s somewhat old news that Ditmas Park’s stately homes and tree-lined streets set an ideal stage for movie and television productions — New York City has been luring crews from the country’s production epicenter for a few years now.

But how has this increased activity affected the neighborhood? Some neighbors get a thrill from seeing stars and crews working on our home turf, while others are peeved at the inevitable traffic spikes and lost parking. One reader commented that they’re fed up with the entertainment business’s continued love affair with Ditmas Park — declaring “This is a neighborhood, NOT a film set.”

But with increased film crews comes increased revenues for the city. A 2015 Economic Impact Study found that increased TV and Film production in New York City contributes $8.7 billion to the local economy, a 21 percent increase since 2011, and a 10 percent spike in full-time film industry job growth since 2011, according to the Mayor’s Office of Media and Entertainment.

We’ve definitely seen a film spike in the neighborhood before, but what do you think — is there too much filming in Ditmas Park? See the stats and take our poll here.

But first, get your weekend watching inspiration here — browse our updated list of movies and TV shows filmed in the area, and check out our local roster of indie films here. I feel a Ditmas Movie Marathon/Netflix binge session coming on.

*Films marked with an asterisk have been added from our 2013 list.

And television shows:

Did we leave anything else? Catch any upcoming film shoots? Let us know at Can you think of anything we left out, or know of upcoming shoots?

We’ll continue to update this list as we hear about more, so keep checking back!

Additional reporting by Nora Whelan.


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