Motorcade Memorial Hit Batchelder Street Last Night

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A parade of dozens of cars and motorcycles rolled through Sheepshead Bay’s streets with horns blaring last night, in honor of a woman shot and killed in the Nostrand Houses over the weekend.

Ciera Glenn, the 25-year-old president of an auto club named Prime Squad Divas, was killed in the lobby of 2336 Batchelder Street early Saturday morning. Her club members gathered in East New York and drove to the scene of her death.

The unannounced convoy threw many residents and drivers into confusion. Members of the auto club blocked off intersections and began directing traffic along the route. On Knapp Street and Avenue W, members were shouting at uncooperative commuters, and residents of the area stood on the sidewalk watching in confusion. No one knew what was going on. Sheepshead Bites received about a half-dozen inquiries from startled residents about the event.

Event organizers saw it as an opportunity to remember their friend and lift spirits in the wake of her death.

“She was a positive person. And that’s how you have to do. You have to do it positive. Right now, you going to shed your tears; it’s gonna come. But at this point in time — we have to stay positive; we have to keep it alive,” a participant told NY1.