Esther & David Most Popular Baby Names in Brooklyn in 2018

Esther & David Most Popular Baby Names in Brooklyn in 2018
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While Emma and Liam were the most popular baby names in the city yet again last year, Esther and David were chosen for more babies born in Brooklyn, Department of Health (DOH) announced earlier this week.

While David came in sixth citywide, Esther did not break the top 10. Most popular in both Queens and Staten Island were Mia for girls, and Liam and Michael for boys respectively. The Bronx favored Liam and Isabella, while Manhattan parents picked Emma and Noah over most others.

Looking for some gender-neutral names for your offspring? Here’s what’s trending, according to the DOH:

Angel (No. 65 for boys and No. 133 for girls), Avery (No 110 and No. 38), Blake (No. 143 and No. 125), Charlie (No. 128 and No. 119), Dylan (No. 11 and No. 117), Eden (No. 141 and No. 117), Hayden (No. 133 and No. 137), Kai (No. 89 and No. 140), Logan (No. 18 and No. 130), Milan (No. 134 and No. 131), Parker (No. 126 and No. 123), Phoenix (No. 155 and No 124), Remy (No. 148 and No. 133), Riley (No. 147 and No. 30), River (No. 148 and No. 136), Royal (No. 161 and No.138), Quinn (No. 157 and No. 119), and Yael (No. 162 and No. 132).

Overall, fewer babies were born in 2018 – there were  58,442 boys and 55,854 girls – a total of 114,296 or 2.3% fewer than in 2017.  Of those, 501 were named Emma and 779 were named Liam.  Brooklyn registered 28,270 births last year, just behind Manhattan.

Most Popular Baby Names in New York City, 2018

Data by NYC DOH

Rank Girls Boys
1 Emma Liam
2 Isabella Noah
3 Sophia Ethan
4 Mia Jacob
5 Olivia Aiden
6 Ava David
7 Leah Lucas
8 Sarah Matthew
9 Amelia Daniel
10 Chloe Alexander
Total Births 55,854 58,442

While we will not know the final names for the 2010s till next December given the almost a year lag in DOH reporting, here are the top names of the last 9 years:

Most Popular Baby Names in New York City over the 2010s
Year Girls Boys
2010 Isabella Jayden
2011 Isabella Jayden
2012 Sophia Jayden
2013 Sophia Jayden
2014 Sophia Ethan
2015 Olivia Ethan
2016 Olivia Liam
2017 Emma Liam
2018 Emma Liam