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  1. I think all the concrete from the wrecked esplanade should be collected, broken down and recycled into something new.

  2. 45 years ago (before the shore line became private) before fences were put up, I used to walk along there. At the right time of day I remember having to climb the rocks for a short part of the way from Manhattan Beach to Brighton 13th. There was even a small cave in the rocks!

  3. I don’t ever remember the tide being so low that I was able to walk the beach exactly over there. Yes there was a cave made by some boulders. Those were my stomping grounds growing up as I walked from my home to my friends houses. My first kiss. I could have walked the rocks blindfolded. So this is low tide I guess huh?

  4. The esplanade has practically been given (By elected officials) many years ago. They are supposed to be responsible for the upkeep. I’m not one for research but it had been mentioned before. If you look on Google maps (Street view) you will see at least 2 homes that extended their property into the ocean! It was not cheep to do I tell ya’ that.

  5. Like Sea Gate that won’t happen! Even though the average Joe does not have use of it we will pay for it’s upkeep.
    Mostly because these jettisons affect the shore line as a whole.
    The esplanade should be repaired and once again opened to the public.
    YOU HEAR ME BIKERS???? Think of the path from waaaay east on the belt clear to Coney Island over Cropsey bridge to Bay Parkway bike path along the Belt again.
    Here me Brighton residence? A change from throwing nut shells on the boardwalk. LOL

  6. In my above comment I mentioned having to climb the rocks for a short span.
    There was a point you could walk in knee high water all the way.
    What year was it your stomping ground? We used to cut school in the mid 60’s and find our way there.

  7. I don’t remember reading about the extensions being Okay. If I owned a sea vessel (even a surfboard) and ran into it I wonder who I would sue the round things off of. Hhmmmmm Jude or homeowners. Judge and homeowners?
    I can’t imagine how he can giveaway land under the ocean??

  8. F/U Mr. Stealer. The residents of MB pay so much in property taxes so that your kids can go to school so I wouldnt be pointing fingers who should pay for it.. Maybe you should help pay for it. Smart ass comments will get smart ass answers.


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