Southern Brooklyn

Morning Mug: “The Ides Of October”


From the photographer:

Looking west from Nostrand Avenue. PS 52 in the foreground. Warbasse Houses in the background at frame left. St. Mark Church steeple at center-frame. Verrazano Bridge and Staten Island at frame right. Photo taken 10/15/2012.

Photo (and cute title) by Andy Baum

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  1. Lovely photo. FYI Having lived in the co-op Shore Terrace for 45 years this month, I can’t leave it mis-identified as Warbasse Sincerely.. J. H-B

  2. Having lived in Sea Isle for 46½ years (since I was 10), I can assure you that Shore Terrace is not visible in this photo. The high-rise apartments that are pictured herein are located on Ocean Parkway and Neptune Avenue.

  3. Having lived in the neighborhood for 46.75 years (well, coney AND sheepshead), I have to side with my man Andy. That’s much too far away from Nostrand to be Shore Terrace. Besides, one can see the first building of Trump Village on the left-hand side of the picture.

    One thing confuses me though. The warbase buildings are generally aligned east-west, but the picture (facing west) looks like you can see all of them. Is my perspective off? Maybe the buildings are not strictly east-west, maybe like northwest by southeast.

    Bear in mind I’m going to the eye doctor next week, so feel free to ignore my opinion in its entirety here, I’m blind as a bat!


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