Morning Mug: The Answer To Today’s Riddle Is…

Oh, goodness. There are just so many things I love about this poster.

I was first drawn to it by the handwritten note:

“Why do I need a degree in Liberal Arts?”

“So Barnes & Knoble [sic] can sell more books??”

We have a winner, ladies and gentlemen!

The second bit about this poster that caught my attention was the crazed look of the guy on top. I’m not sure if this is supposed to be the student, bewildered by the suggestion he needs a Liberal Arts degree, or the teacher, crazed at the idea that you think you’re wasting his time asking such an obvious question like “Why do you need a Liberal Arts degree.”

Or maybe it’s the serial killer who’s pattern is to go after people with useful, specialized educations – the only actual answer I can think of to “Why do I need a degree in Liberal Arts?”

Apologies for you Liberal Arts majors out there, but I’ve never quite grasped the point of such a degree. Seemed to me like it was just putting in time until you decided what you really wanted to do, you know, a lot like a Communication degree.

But apparently there are reasons. Why else would they have a PANEL DISCUSSION on the topic? Unfortunately, I couldn’t make it. But I’m pretty sure some people got together and talked about how, without one, you would never be able to operate on the same level as your fellow waiters, baristas, book store clerks or community college teachers.

Ouch, that burned. Sorry again to the Liberal Arts majors. So very, very sorry.

P.S. – This is what happens when Erica asks me to do the Morning Mug. If you were offended, please blame her.