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  1. It’s not just an old house. Quite a bit of a story behind it. Ask Lisanne or Raywah.
    We have hundreds of pics between us.I think it is called the Blake house.

  2. Before the nursing home/parking lot, there were two more similar houses next to this one; they were quite run down.  Regret never having photographed ’em back then.  Anyone have photos?

  3. might make an interesting story for SB to interview the owner of that wonderful house… and/or relay its history.  We have always been fascinated by it and it’s ability to survive changes to the neighborhood. We love that house.

  4. The owner does not live nearby, Ray had some conversation with “The Grounds Keeper” a few years ago. I don’t know how much she learned.

  5. I had a conversation with the ground keeper about 2 months ago. Very intresting stories. He knows a lot about the house. This is my favorate house in all of our neighborhood to me it’s a classic. How they built them at that time is amazing.

  6. If she still lives there, she wouldn’t have to move far if she needed assistance or could get her house annexed by Sunrise.  When my friend’s aunt turned 100 some years ago, she didn’t want to move to assisted living.  But they ended up converting half the floors of her building to assisted living and for a reasonable sum, agreed to service her apartment also and let her use the dining room for meals. Talk about luck.  She stayed there for 3 years, then had private care and passed away at 105.

  7. He knows a lot about much of the goings on in Sheepshead Bay. LOL.
    Have not seen him lately.

  8.  I believe this is one of them.

    Delamere Place is the old name for East 23rd Street. This photo, however, was taken in the 1980s for the Department of Finance.


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