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  1. Couldn’t these toys be donated to children and families in need rather then trown away? 🙁

  2. That’s what I don’t understand either. They seem to be practically new. I could see throwing them out because they are torn and tattered but not because your children outgrew them or are no longer interested in them. We just live in a throw away society and unfortunately that also extends to how we treat the elderly also to a large extent.

  3. I was thinking of seeing if anyone could have a place for them. Tell the truth since the rise in bed bugs, fleas and ticks has gone up in Sheepshead Bay over the last few years I stay away from rescuing anything other than glass, metal or plastic objects…I have saved some literature but left it to bake in my trunk for a few days.

  4. They should be taken to a charity, especially when numerous items are disposed of. But that should be the responsibility of the person disposing of them. Us roving photographers see this sort of thing too often, and it could become a full-time avocation if we let it.

    I know of people who take them home. This creates another problem, they become stuffed animal hoarders. I’m not joking, this really happens. If they weren’t hoarding stuffed animals they would be over their heads with live ones.

  5. it kinda looks like the monkey is taking a Dump while the stoner is watching him.
    This could be a great commercial for Pathfinder though. 😀


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