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  1. I assumed sax on the beach was prohibited in NYC.
    Oh, wait, I meant sex, except for stop & frisk, of course..Never mind!

  2. Probably if there was police nearby, undoubtedly they would indeed find something he was doing against the law….

    Way off the point, but this reminds me of one night in the early 80’s, my friend and I were in Washington Square Park. My friend found a buck folded up with what I assume was traces of coke in it. We got offered drug sales at least 3 times that I remember. There were suspicious characters everywhere… Then my friend pointed out something to me. The cops were giving some kid a ticket by a tree for the enormous offense of playing the violin there. He made a slight protest so they were threatening to haul him away. Good thing they stopped the violin player so now I could feel safer in the park.


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