Southern Brooklyn

Morning Mug: Relaxation


The photographer writes:

 I did find it a most unusual place for a person to be sitting in a chair at the curb on Avenue U obviously enjoying the early morning sunlight. One has heard of tar beach but concrete beaches?

I think the sepia is the proverbial cherry on top (icing on the cake?) of a really nice shot.

Photo by PayPaul

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  1. This is not sepia, it’s black and white.  I used to do blueprinting, and I can tell you that sepia is a rust color.  No rust color in this pic.

  2. “Long time experience”……Makes me think of a line from some move, “love you long time”.
    If I’m walking around the block and it takes 2 days…..that’s a long time.
    is that a man or woman?  
    Good shot Paul, looks as good today as it did yesterday. LOL

  3. The subject is a homeless person whom I’ve seen panhandling on Ave U.

    Pity would be no more, If we did not make somebody Poor:
    And Mercy no more could be, If all were as happy as we;

  4. When we used to live in an apartment growing up, we would often spend time on the roof or the fire escape on a beautiful hot day.

  5. Thank you. It was mostly done in RAW processing with a custom preset for grayscale, highlight and shadow colors. That’s the beauty of RAW processing and it’s greater potential for control. I’m not too happy with overly done sepia tones. They make me itchy. I was seeking an old film effect with this one.
    Amazing to find out this person is homeless. Sad but she seemed pretty much at peace with herself.

    It’s so nice to have one of mine considered for the Morning Mug twice in a row. Hmmm. Should I present another variation on this one? Perhaps one in high key processing?

  6. getting your hair processed does not make one homeless….  look again. she’s got a towel on her head and is wearing a robe from the salon behind her.  now read the sign…    she’s getting her hair done.  

  7. That’s disgusting. Back in my day women did their beauty treatments privately. Is there no decency left?

  8. you tell me.  i think it’s worse when men think it’s okay to snort and spit while their walking, grab their crotches and adjust themselves, walk around without shirts on and really shouldn’t be….. and so on…   nope, no decency.  😉

  9. Today, in Brighton Beach, while eating lunch at The Burger Shop, looking out the window, I was admiring in a gentlemanly manner an attractive woman, purely for the study of beauty, you can be sure, and, eventually, this rather attractive woman who I was admiring turned and hocked a big f’ing loogey on the sidewalk.

    It ain’t always men who snort and spit. And it ain’t always a turn off. 😉


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