Southern Brooklyn

Morning Mug: Portrait Of The Artist[‘s Feet] As A Young Man


The photographer mentioned in an email that he would especially like for me to use this photo of his feet, because this way, he said, “I can say there was a photo of me on Sbites.”

And that is our job here at Sheepshead Bites — to try and make dreams comes true.

Photo by Boris Shekhman

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  1. Yeah, OK. I have a few pictures of body parts I’d like posted. LOL
    Nice sneakers. Don’t jump into the tranquil water, it runs deep.

  2. I did not mention private parts. Because you did I will say I consider myself average in looks and shape. Kinda’ like Michael Angelo’s women. If it ruins your day take a pill for it. LOL

  3. Yes! My 15 minutes of fame. Thanks Erica. Thank you to my mother, those who supported me, and a big thanks to the Academy.

  4. What part did you not understand? Are you looking to bust my chops? Do you want to make insulting remarks? Read back pal.


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