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  1. new masts and some new canvas and she will be back in her old glory. Its scary how sail boat owners moor their boats, a marina is a much safe place.

  2. Actually, a mooring in Sheepshead Bay is secure under almost all extremes…providing a boat of that size dropped the required two 300 lb. anchors and at least 1/2″ chains of about 40′ in length. Even then, a storm like Sandy could possibly cause the anchors to drag. The slips in the marinas rose over the tops of the pilings, leaving most boats vulnerable. At our Club, the boats that stayed in the water tied up to common dock fingers, inside of double slips and sustained minimal damage. My damage came from two sailboats that probably had old or under rated moorings and broke free to infiltrate our slips. Most of the boats hauled out of the water before the storm were damaged.

    Bottom line………it’s really a matter of luck. You do what you can and hope for the best.


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