Morning Mug: Hey Comptroller, Audit This!

Comptroller John Liu stopped by the Community Board 15 meeting last night (more on that later), and then swung by Roll-N-Roaster to grab a bite to eat.

Apparently, the city’s auditor-in-chief is a big fan of the “juicy” roast beef sandwich. He said it’s the best perk of coming to the area (one of his security guys hails from the hood).

We’d say it was very gracious of Liu to allow us to photograph him chowing down (and, really, we were pretty annoying about it), but I think it all fell into place when we said the fastest way to get voters in Sheepshead Bay is to be seen eating at Roll-N-Roaster.

You paying attention Brennan & Carr? Because, very soon, Liu might “audit” your roast beef.