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  1. Looks like Photoshop CS6 Fisheye Blur; I may be wrong but I did similar. This looks real nice though; love the image in motion.

  2. Wow!!!  So the Q really can move at the speed of light when it wants to!  What an amazing shot!

  3. I have the fisheye, didn’t know I could blurr it. I do make lpts of funny faces on there using the swirl. 
    This really is a piece of work. I like the feel it gives, kinda “in your face” effect.
    Well that’s how it affects me anywho. .

  4. Attached  is the original photo that I edited in
    Picasa.  Used the focal zoom effect to
    keep the first car of the train in focus. 
    Adjusted the zoominess feature  to
    blur and spray out the rest of the photo to the max to give the look of outward
    brush strokes (as nolastname noted) which gave the illusion of speed.  Ilan made the best guess but Picasa had what
    I needed.  I took the photo with my
    skyrocket android phone from the overpass on Avenue T.  Result was better than expected.  Apologies to those who really wanted the
    train to be moving that fast. Thanks for your comments.


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