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Morning Mug: First Crocuses Of Spring


This photo comes in from PayPaul, who wrote, “Spring has sprung in Sheepshead Bay. I took these beauties on Avenue V and 12th Street.”

Well, we’re not quite as optimistic about spring being here just yet. But we are enjoying the much-improved weather. Let’s just not say so too loudly.

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  1. Crisp, yellow is my fav. in various flowers. Roses and freesia, amongst others, have the nicest fragrance in yellow.

  2. I have red white and blue tulips and I don’t have anything coming up as of yet lol
    These are really early they are so nice it made my day. Thank God spring is around the corner

  3. That was my very intention in putting this picture in to Ned. We need a little bit of hope for Spring with all the nasty snowstorms. It’s in the one place I found in the neighborhood yesterday that had 2 clusters of crocuses. I miss the days when more people had front gardens and not concrete carparks. This house always has some of the nicest flowers such as white shasta daisies etc.

  4. Sheepshead Bay has some residents who put up the best Roses. Some are even better than the ones in the Brooklyn Botanical Garden. It’s the big fat ones I like best.

  5. I almost can’t believe this is true. That’s great that the flowers are out. Isn’t it kind of early though?

  6. The BBG has been victim to mildew.
    There are some established bushes throughout the borough that can take
    a persons breath away.
    I have asked people for clippings from here to East New York.
    There are some shrubs worth saving.

  7. I noticed that mildew last year. One would think if they were experts in the growing of roses that would be preventable. You certainly must have a green thumb to be able to raise roses from clippings. Cutting them at an angle just below the leaf nodes is essential. Otherwise the stem with be damaged and unable to bring forth proper roots.


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