Southern Brooklyn

Morning Mug: Everbrown


From the photographer:

Since Hurricane Sandy our evergreens have turned everbrown in Manhattan Beach and Sheepshead Bay. So many trees and bushes will have to be replaced which are not covered by insurance.

Photo by Allan Rosen

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  1. good riddens!! to hell with this city and your damn sandy!! other states are getting hit by floods, hurricanes, tornadoes, droughts, blizzards, etc, and new york can’t even handle a damn tropical storm??!!

    to hell with this city!!!

    and if i remember correctly the majority of u dweebs were making all sorts of facebook and twitter posts like LOL DIS HURRICANE GON BE JUS LIKE IRENE LETZ HIT DA BARZ N GET SUM BOOZE LOL

  2. Some people are replacing their soil. Sheepshead bay is on clay. The rains will cleans the soil over time but much will be lost. Far Rockaway is a total loss. Trees that should be budding now are not. Never mind the fact that businesses are still shuttered.


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