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Morning Mug: “Controversial Corner”


Today’s featured photographer sardonically chimes in about what boundaries separate Sheepshead from Homecrest. Very cute. The kid too.

Photo by Gary Goldstein

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  1. i think i can solve this… and start a new one in the same shot…

    everything south of ave p from is SOUTH BROOKLYN….

    fucking northerners sayin they live in south brooklyn… mofos dont know how to read a compass i guess

  2. “South Brooklyn” historically describes Red Hook, Carroll Gardens, Park Slope and those immediate parts. Where we are is actually Southern Brooklyn.

    I think the DieHipster blog put the border around Newkirk Av, which makes sense, the change is obvious once you go north or south of there.

  3. indeed, but we are the actual physical south brooklyn…
    the reason the north side is called it is bc of the statement “South To Brooklyn.”


    but oy you had to say newkirk.. im a newkirk native… lived up on argyle till i was 3, then my parents moved here… lolol

  4. there might be a debate about the north and east borders of Brighton Beach too. Some say its northern border is Neptune Avenue while others say it’s the Belt Parkway. Some says its east border is Corbin Place while others say it’s West End Avenue. However, Google Maps show that Belt Parkway is its north border while East 12th Street/Corbin Place is its eastern border, so the people who live in the square surrounded by Neptune Avenue, the Belt, and Coney Island Avenue and East 12th Street overpasses (me included) are considered to be in Brighton Beach even though the Voorhees Avenue entrance to the Sheepshead Bay subway station is closer than the Coney Island Avenue entrance to Brighton Beach station

  5. Physically and geographically we are the south shore of the western part of Long Island. And, you’ll notice that this web site does not refer to Sheepshead Bay and surrounding neighborhoods as “South Brooklyn” [which is a place-name based on the southern border of the old Dutch town], but “Southern Brooklyn”, denoting the southern part of the Borough.

    Sheepshead Bay is located within the old English town of Gravesend.


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