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  1. If the French Impressionist painter lived in Sheepshead Bay he’d be 182 years old and likely too frail to lift a paintbrush–though a miracle of modern science! LOL
    Nice shot, Mr. Kaplan!

  2. OK, so maybe I should have clarified: If Claude Monet had been born in the mid-late part of the 20th century and lived in Sheepshead Bay…

    There. Imagination wins again!

  3. If Claude Monet was born in the mid-late part of the 20th century he’d likely not have been a French impressionist. He’d probably be a post-modernist or urban graffiti artist.

    Now if Claude Monet survived time travele to 2009 from around 1915, was given about 3 years to become accustomed with the future and settled in Sheepshead Bay… he might have painted something like this 😉

    Now imagine what he’d paint if he was transported to hipster-ville Bushwick instead. That’s a movie right there.

  4. Poignant Shot! We are fortunate to live in such an idyllic nautical part of Brooklyn, that in essence, most people don’t appreciate, or even realize is there!

  5. I wish, they realize it is here and want to change it. Bulldoze and rebuild, lose the fishing fleet, dirty it up and sell a condo. 
    It was much more of an idyllic neighborhood before they knocked down the Queen Ann’s on Emmons and built nursing homes and condos. 


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