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  1. I’m confused. This is obviously not a real photo. How could there be two boardwalks and no shoreline?

  2. You’re going to see more and more of these panorama pictures in the future. Many tablets, phones and digital cameras offer the option for taking panorama pictures. 

  3. Allan: The individual photographs that compose this entire photograph are real. They have been integrated to make a panorama, which is a style of photography that gives you the impression that the scenery was curved or “bent” around a center point. In this case the center point at which the scenery was “bent” was the center of a long section of boardwalk. Actually it was “bent” around the middle of the sand on the beach too. The seemingly separate boardwalks on the left and right are actually the ends of a single boardwalk, most likely. The shoreline is there but it is distorted because it was shrunken while the panorama was created and everything was “bent.”

    More information:

    More examples:

    Second one looks really mind-boggling since one edge of the bike lane seems to come from two different directions.Good job by Mr. Veksler on this one. Erica: Thanks for posting.

  4. Cameras have been able to take “panorama” photos for awhile but the result is different, it’s a stitching of multiple photos that achieve an elongated view without the curving. Difficult to do correctly.

  5. I did one a few years ago of Sheepshead Bay by stitching.  It came out pretty good. I’ll send it to Ned.

  6. The bending is not visible in the photograph because it occurs somewhere outside the image. The sand is probably bent, but of course you cannot see it there since it has the same color and texture everywhere in the photo.

  7.  I’ve never been able to align then correctly. I should have drew a line on the sidewalk before shooting so I would keep at the same distance.


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