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More Photos Of Friday’s Cop Car Accident


After we wrote up Friday’s piece about the car accident, in which a police vehicle slammed into a lightpole, reporter Ray Johnson got there to snap some quick photos. But, by the time they were in my inbox, it was officially my weekend. And I had a lot to do.

So, belatedly, here are some more photos of the accident.

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  1. better late than never! really appreciate your report on this. i live just around the corner and totally missed this!

  2. I guess won’t be seeing car number 5039 anymore. I live in the neighborhood and used to see this car running red light (no lights nor sirens) all the time, doesn’t surprise me a bit that they crashed, it was just matter of time. For some reason police officers treat the red light as a stop sign (don’t even do a complete stop most of the times). Red means Stop and wait for Green unless there is an emergency, even then have to use lights and sirens and proceed through the intersection with caution so you don’t take out innocent people who are just trying to get from point A to point B. Just because you wear a badge and your vehicle has NYPD signs doesn’t mean you can do anything you want even disregard Public Safety, the same Public you swore to serve and protect. Hope the lady in the red SUV is Ok, has a good lawyer, and gets a nice compensation. And the cop that was driving should have his badge pulled and the driver’s license revoked.

  3. Going through the red light is just part of the “Cop Mentality”. I have one in my family and he does this all the time, even in his own car. I don’t know what happens to a person’s brain once they graduate from the academy.


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