More Anti-Semitic Graffiti Found

Anti-Semitic Graffiti in Sheepshead Bay

(Photo courtesy of Robert Fernandez)

New anti-semitic graffiti has been spotted by a Sheepshead Bites reader, this time on Neck Road train station’s Manhattan-bound platform. The marking, which read “Jewz suck ballz”, is on the floor near the first lamppost at the north end of the platform.

Although it’s difficult to take seriously this semi-illiterate hooliganism, it’s a sad discovery in the wake of the 25th Annual Holocaust Gathering this past weekend, and it follows the pro-Nazi runes reported last month.

As there are no Nazi references in the latest scrawling – and the Nazi’s probably would’ve insisted on better grammar – it’s unlikely that this incident is related to May’s graffiti, in which elaborate pro-Nazi (not anti-semitic, as one official noted) runes were found on walls along Shore Parkway, Emmons Avenue and around the Holocaust Memorial Park.