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More Anti-Semitic Graffiti Found In Midwood

Source: Simone Weichselbaum via Twitter

Investigators from the NYPD’s Hate Crimes Unit are busy following up on yet another anti-Semitic incident in Midwood, after homeowners found their garage had been spray-painted with the words “Die Jews” and several swastikas.

The graffiti was found Sunday morning on the East 5th Street home’s garage, and two more swastikas were found on the door of an apartment building across the street.

It’s the latest in a rash of anti-Semitic incidents plaguing Brooklyn’s Orthodox Jewish neighborhoods. The vandalism occurred less than a week after pro-Hitler graffiti was uncovered in Borough Park, and just two months after several cars were found torched in Midwood with anti-Semitic messages scrawled nearby.

“Almost every day, there seems to be another incident reported,” Assemblyman Dov Hikind said in a statement. “The police have hardly made an arrest in any of these cases. I am calling on the NYPD to use every resource available to apprehend the person(s) responsible for these heinous acts so that people in the community can once again have peace of mind.”

UPDATE (10:34 a.m.): According to a statement put out by Assemblyman Steven Cymbrowitz, graffiti was also found on a yeshiva around the corner. Here’s Cymbrowitz’s statement:

“I am appalled that our community has, once again, been subjected to another depraved act of anti-Semitic vandalism, this time defacing the Yeshiva of Brooklyn Boys School on Ocean Parkway as well as a garage around the corner on East Fifth Street. This pestilence of anti-Jewish graffiti plaguing our city — home to the nation’s largest population of Holocaust survivors — is unacceptable, and must be strongly condemned not only by the Jewish community, but by all people everywhere. It is imperative that we never stop speaking out against these sickening crimes, and show the individuals who commit these acts that there is no place for them or their hate-filled messages in civilized society.”

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  1. There we’ve caught the culprit red handed. It’s the guy from the crime unit doing it.

    Seriously, now the police are saying one of the car torchings was an insurance scam with the other cars used as cover-up and it wasn’t a hate crime after all. Wonder how they concluded that? What is going on?

  2. Nazi swastikas should be, and in many instances are an affront to all people who believe in freedom and justice, not just the Jews. World War II was fought not to save the Jews, but to defeat two tyrannical powers, that were bent on conquering the world, and all peoples who believed in liberty and fair play. The media’s incessant reliance on going to Assemblyman Dov Hikind for his views, as if he represents The Jews, is I believe an affront to the overwhelming majority of American Jews, even the majority of those who happily live in Brooklyn! Because he doesn’t! Let the investigations to these incidents play out…Happy Martin Luther King Jr. Day!

  3. This crime, it has been reported in around half a dozen (or more) media outlets, occurred approximately 100 feet away from where Assemblyman Hikind lives, and other offences have similarly occurred not merely in his neighborhood but in the district he represents. It would make sense that the media would go to him. Plus, there is no denying, Hikind always adds meat to a story. He’s a very colorful personality, who represents his constituency, a large majority of whom are Orthodox Jews.

  4. You made me laugh out loud with that first bit.

    As for the insurance scam angle – the NY Post story (the one that “broke” it) quoted only an anonymous source. And that source only said that NYPD had their doubts that it was a hate crime because someone put Hitler stuff and KKK stuff together – which, I guess, a more studious racist wouldn’t do. Quite frankly – anything’s possible, but I don’t buy the Post story until something a little more solid comes about to back it up.

  5. Oh, this is a hate crime all right, but it proliferates when the types that exhibit such anti-social behavior observe that much fuss is made and no one is charged with these crimes. It’ll end when these kids start telling the wrong people about their “accomplishments”. The message has to be sent that these incidents are being successfully investigated.

  6. I want these bastards caught as much as anyone else, but unless they’re caught in the act…in person, on camera, etc… it’s going to be difficult figuring out who is doing this.

    The best forensics can do is narrow down the brand of the paint used.

  7. I would have found the expression “Die Jews” to be an affront to my belief in freedom and justice, whether the rat chose to invoke Nazism or not.

  8. What’s needed here is more and better security cameras, especially near likely targets of this kind of hateful vandalism. The cameras are so inexpensive now that they should be as ubiquitous as pigeon poop. There should also be more, and more militant, citizens’ patrols, like the Shomrim and the original Maccabees, willing to be, not just the eyes and ears of the police, but, when appropriate, the knees and fists of retribution. This isn’t vigilantism or turf warfare, it’s community self defense. If you want to take a bite out of crime, you have to be willing to bite the criminals.
    The problem, though, is that these “hate crimes” are little more than enhanced vandalism, and prosecuting them more aggressively due to their pernicious intent and effect raises Constitutional questions regarding free speech and restraint of content.  Should spray painting anti-Jewish or anti-black messages be punished more severely than anti-Republican or Anti-Obama graffiti?  If so, how much more severely?  In fact, were someone to paint a swastika on his own property, would it even be a crime at all?  From a legal and prosecutorial standpoint, hate speech and hate-motivated graffiti isn’t true violence, although the hurt cuts as deep, but, because the perps are often extremely sick people, there’s no telling how far they will go if left unchecked.  But, because the punishment has to fit the crime, how do we stop the vandals, and, even more important, prevent them from recidivating?

    Perhaps the best way to stop these horrendous acts is to find out who is committing them, and why, so that a peaceful, truly rehabilitative, solution can be found that won’t escalate the conflict. Perhaps it’s just a few misguided kids, acting out the bigotry they’ve learned from others, maybe even their parents, or maybe it’s just some nut trying to get his craziness noticed, like the illiterate perverts who write on bathroom walls. It could even be someone from the community itself, playing the victim card for political gain. The police need to investigate, and the miscreants must be caught in the act so that they can be identified and appropriately punished. This vandalism isn’t just offensive to Jews, it’s offensive to everyone, as well as to the standards of decency that make America the world’s melting pot.


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