More About Bringle, The $1000 Dog

A photo of the lost dog, now named Bringle

So, before I begin, let me point out that there is some serious information in this post regarding the lost dog we told you about yesterday, and you should read past my idiocy to get there.

First, the idiocy. I received the following message from reader David Z.:

I think I found the brindle dog, he definitely fits your description of him. He answers to jaguar and he keeps asking for Diego (perhaps that’s the owner’s name)
He is also a bit aggressive so I am keeping my distance, if you touch his ear he growls at you.
Do you think they are offering a reward???? I can go get bong at the sex shop if they are 😉

Jokes aside, if David had indeed found the dog I’m now naming “Bringle,” he could buy plenty of bongs.

Why? Just a few minutes after I got David’s message I stepped outside and a frantic-looking woman was stopping at every house on the block, and giving out fliers to anyone who’d take them. She also posted them on utility poles. Lo and behold, the fliers were for Bringle [pictured above; no, not the jaguar… way up there].

The woman seemed very upset and I truly hope she finds her dog. The fliers say there’s a $1,000 reward, so there’s something in it for you if you find him. Call (917) 279-7942 with any information. And if you ever lose your dog, cat, panda or star-nosed mole and want to get the word out, let us know.