Monte’s Moved To McDonald Avenue And Avenue P!

Monte’s former location on Ave O (Source: T.K. via Yelp)

Reader Vlad A. sent us a tip yesterday about Monte’s Deli & Catering, which closed its Avenue O storefront sometime last month. It looks like the Monte’s crew has brought their hot plates and cold cut heroes to a larger location just a few blocks away. The new store is located at 1811 Avenue P McDonald Avenue, on the corner of McDonald Avenue P.

Vlad writes:

According to the latest YELP review the grand opening was on 1/16/2011 (sic). I do know they were closed for about a month and a laundromat will be buit (sic) in the old location.I don’t have a picture but was there on 1/16 and the place is probably twice as big with seating area for about 10, old location had no seating.

Thank you for the outstanding news, Vlad! I can’t wait to stop by and enjoy a sandwich without having to schlep it home. I just hope they still stock Manhattan Special.

While I was at the Avenue O location a few months ago, I remember buying a gallon of white vinegar. Now every time I clean out my coffee maker, my thoughts drift to the simple pleasures that are Monte’s eats, causing me to salivate like a Pavlovian pooch!

My favorite hero is salami, prosciutto, provolone, hot peppers, and sweet peppers with a little oil and vinegar. What’s yours?