Modern Apartment Complex Replaces Single Family Home On East 18th Street

625 East 18th Street, rendering by Infinity Properties
625 East 18th Street, rendering by Infinity Properties

We don’t mean to sound like a broken record, but another 7-story apartment complex is replacing a single-family home in Flatbush, reports YIMBY.

Plans for the 12-unit building, currently under construction at 625 East 18th Street between Newkirk and Foster Avenues, call for indoor and outdoor recreation space and an average unit size of 1,146 square feet, according to YIMBY.

625 East 18th Street in October. (Photo by Lisa Loggins)
625 East 18th Street in October. (Photo by Lisa Loggins)

The complex will neighbor another Victorian-turned-apartment building under construction at 631 East 18th Street and Foster Avenue, that brings an additional 35 new apartments to the neighborhood.

According to the rendering, the facade at 625 East 18th Street doesn’t quite match the other brick apartments lining the block, with a gray exterior, horizontal windows, and a design that sticks further into the sidewalk.

An Astoria-based LLC bought the property in April 2014 for $750,000 and filed plans a few months later, reports YIMBY.  In 2014, there was a single family home from 1925 on the 4,000 square foot lot, according to Zillow.

Photo via PropertyShark
Photo via PropertyShark

Unlike many surrounding blocks, this property is not protected by low-density zoning or landmarking. The lot was zoned R7A, which allows for seven or eight story apartment buildings after the area was rezoned in 2009.

Screenshot via DoITT NYC
The upcoming 7-story apartment building sits on the edge of two designed historic districts (in purple). (Screenshot via DoITT NYC)

Since construction began earlier this year, many neighbors have complained about noise and mess at the construction site, including during early mornings on weekends and late evening on weekdays. One comment even mentions a snowstorm of styrofoam raining onto the street, according to DOB records.

This project joins other recent Flatbush developments that involve knocking down single-family homes — directly around the designated historic districts. Some projects include an eight-story apartment building replacing two homes on East 19th Street near Church Avenue; apartment buildings on East 18th between Newkirk and Foster Avenues and East 19th Street between Cortelyou and Dorchester Roads; a centennial home to be razed at 100 Lenox Road between Bedford and Flatbush Avenues; and a four-story building on East 21st Street between Cortelyou and Dorchester Roads.

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  1. It’s hideous! And where will all the children go to school? Presently it takes 10 years or more for a new school to get built. The overflow from PS 152 has already spilled into the leased Catholic School on Ocean and Foster.

  2. If PS 152 has “overflow” why did the DOE rezone students from 217 into 152? Another reason why the rezoning makes no sense.

  3. It’s only a 12 unit building, chill out. Or are you going around lecturing every pregnant woman in the neighborhood about how they shouldn’t be having more children because the school district can’t handle it?

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