Mob Widows Cry Foul Over “Mob Daughter” Book

A new book by the daughter of snitching sociopath Sammy the Bull Gravano has the families of her father’s victims – including one woman who lives in Bensonhurst – up in arms.

Karen Gravano is also one of the four main cast members of trashy VH1 reality show Mob Wives.

Between the TV show and book, nine families of Gravano’s victims are hoping to get the existing laws changed so that people like his daughter Karen will no longer be able to profit from their relatives’ misdeeds.

The same group of victims’ families, through legal action under the so-called ‘Son of Sam’ law, saw more than $400,000 from Salvatore Gravano’s own 1997 memoir, Underboss, writes SILive. Karen Gravano’s new book Mob Daughter has many of them wishing they could do the same to her.

“I’ve had it, I’ve really had it,” said Lynda Milito of Florida, the widow of Gambino capo Louie Milito, who authored her own 2003 tell-all “Mafia Wife: My Story of Love, Murder and Madness.” Ms. Milito insists she never profited her husband’s underworld activities, because she supported herself and her children as a real estate agent.

Rosanna Massa, the sister of one of Gravano’s victims and a Bensonhurst resident, told SILive that the book release has reopened old wounds.

“My brother was killed once in real life;  my brother was killed in Sammy’s book. My brother was killed in her book. Enough is enough,” said Rosanne Massa, of Bensonhurst, about her brother, Michael Debatt — a good kid, she said who went to Catholic High School, and played football on scholarship and then sadly got wrapped up in that world and murdered by Gravano in 1987. “The ‘Son of Sam’ Law should be amended so no family member of that criminal should be able to profit.”

As with most reality TV personalities, many who claim to find Karen Gravano abhorrent still manage to catch her in action on Mob Wives every Sunday night.

The allure of “the lifestyle”, as it’s called by Karen on the show, seems to even have some of the potential plaintiffs tuning in.

Massa told reporters that despite the bitter history, she still watches Mob Wives religiously.


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