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Peanut M&M’s Shatter Several Teeth Of Sheepshead Housewife

Source: Rodrigo Moraes via Wikimedia Commons

Lea Shimunov, a 47-year-0ld Sheepshead Bay housewife, broke her teeth when she was scarfing down some peanut M&Ms, and is filing a suit against the monolithic Mars candy corporation in Brooklyn Supreme Court, according to a report in the New York Post.

After purchasing a medium-sized bag of peanut M&Ms at the Duane Reade located at 2931 Avenue U in December 2011, Shimunov allegedly bit into a “petrified peanut,” painfully shattering several teeth in the process.

“There was either a foreign object that was made into a M&M, or it may have been a petrified peanut,” lawyer Robert Berkowitz told the New York Post.

I thought M&Ms were supposed to melt in your mouth… not break your jaw.

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  1. Why the fuck is she suing Duane Reade? They’re not responsible for making the candy and they had no way of knowing there was a hard one.

  2. When she bit into the candy it painfully shattered several of her teeth, said the suit, which also names Duane Reade.

  3. I once bit into a rock, not a nut, when eating a “natural” candy bar. No teeth broken. I wrote to the manufacturer. They apologized and sent me a coupon for a new bar. How nice of them.

    Also, once my mother bit into a penny, when eating a freshly made ice cream cone. She walked back into the store to complain and the owner didn’t even say he was sorry. His response, “What are you complaining for? The cone now cost you 11 cents instead of 12 cents?” So you see how long ago that was.

  4. so we have a lady who kept chewing the candies despite feeling something funky. and now she wanted to sue for the big bucks. this is america people. if you don’t get satisfaction, sue the hell out of it.

  5. That’s absurd. Most liberals I know don’t think that personal injury litigation should be a matter of sticking it to a company that does their best to maintain proper safety practices. Fair compensation based on reasonable expectations should be the limit.

  6. LOL-Good luck with that. Let me tell you what Mars will do. With the deep pockets they have they will keep postponing her case and with the mess our legal system is in, it could take years for this to come to trial. After awhile her lawyer won’t want to bother with this case and he’ll drop her as a client.

  7. Let me see . . . one piece of “candy” broke several teeth. Adult teeth? How big was this piece of “candy”? How small were her teeth? Yes, she (and everyone) has a right to expect candy and not foreign objects inside a bag of candy, but take some personal responsibility, too, please.

  8. No matter how well you take care of your teeth, companies need to pay for damage whick never would have been done if it weren’t for their neglect of making sure their product was packaged correctly

  9. I just found a yellow rock in mine that may have been the same thing that she found except I wasn’t stupid enough to eat it. And I also live in brooklyn so it maybe something local.

  10. She’s telling the truth.
    I know because it happened to ME too !
    Check out my YouTube video brelow about
    the human molar in my M & Ms which
    broke THREE of my teeth off.


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