Marine Park Veterinarian Loses Local’s Dog

Chewy, a pitbull-dachshund mix, escaped a veterinarian’s office last night in Marine Park (Photo via Daniel Ioannou)

UPDATE: Chewy was found over the weekend by a Good Samaritan and is now home, safe and sound!

MARINE PARK – Chewy the dog is missing near Marine Park, after escaping while under veterinary care last night at VERG South, an emergency veterinarian’s at 2220 Flatbush Avenue.

Daniel Ioannou, of Coney Island, brought Chewy, a pitbull-dachshund mix, to the emergency vet around 6:30 last night, on Thursday, March 1. After Daniel sat in the waiting room for more than an hour, waiting for Chewy to be treated, VERG staff told him that they’d lost the dog.

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“I couldn’t believe it,” said Ioannou. Staff told Ioannou that the dog had slipped its collar while they were walking him after his treatment, and the pooch was last seen running down East 45th Street.

“I said, ‘Why are you telling me? Go get him!'” Ioannou recalled. He left the facility on foot, running to East 45th and calling for Chewy repeatedly, to no avail. Back at the vet’s office, Ioannou spoke with a manager, who assured him that while VERG would help try to recover the dog, they couldn’t release the name of the staff member that lost Chewy, or provide further details.

A spokesperson for VERG confirmed that dog was being walked outside the vet facility last night for a chance to relieve itself when it became startled, slipping from its collar and running off. The employee in charge of the dog gave unsuccessful chase before returning to the facility, at which point staff notified the owner of the incident. The collar used to walk the dog had been supplied by Ioannou.

“We had four people searching last night and four searching today,” said the spokesperson, who said staff called the NYPD and ASPCA after the dog ran off. They said VERG printed up fliers for the lost dog, forwarding them to local fire departments, dog groomers and various community outlets.

Despite Chewy being chipped, there’s been no word today, and Ioannu spent the day driving around looking for his dog, posting fliers. He inherited the dog from his mother after she passed away, he said. Frustrated with VERG’s response, he’s been searching and distributing fliers on his own. He’s also posted to a number of community Facebook groups.

“They’re only worried about a bad review—it’s about money,” said Ioannou. But the VERG spokesman said they’ve offered to match Ioannou’s offered $500, bringing the total reward for Chewy’s return up to $1000.

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  1. Is the vet doing anything to help find this dog? Why not hire a lost dog detective. Pay for 1000’s of flyers and pay people to put them up? It’s disgusting that they lost this dog. They should use a safety harness to walk the dog.

  2. I might be considered, even though it is unlikely, that they accidentally injured or mistakenly gave the dog a llethal treatment, bt preferred to say he ran away.

    AnimalControl should be contacted repeatedly in case he is picked up. Communications there have always been poor there about lost animals they had.

    There may be local rescue and advocacy groups who can help, using email networks.networks etc.

    No vet should be walking a patient outside, especially if the owner is there and available.

    An attorney might get to the truth faster.

  3. This is a horrible heartbreaking story, I had an incident with VERG North were we brought our tiny 3month old whom he had only 10 days , we brought him in and he had a severe case of pneumonia so bad it pushed his heart to wrong side of his tiny body, the story is the bill low is $4000 bill high $7000 WHAT and no guarantee of survival we said give us our dog back we want to go home , THE RESPONSE WAS WELL THEN WE CAN JUST EUTHANIZE HIM WHATTTTT THEY are about the money ONLY PLEASE DONT LEAVE YOUR PET AT AND VERG get a second opinion

  4. Paul, thank you for this story and thank you for the update. They should have done more! I hope they didn’t give the poor guy a bill either. It doesn’t make sense that they would have an assistant walk the dog when the owner was in the room waiting for him to be discharged.
    All dogs should be double leashed while in a veterinarians care anyway to prevent any mishaps!


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