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Missed Connection: Headphone’d Hottie


dekalb avenue subwayIf you take the Q and have a headphone-twirling habit, listen up. Via a Craigslist post titled “Morning Commute Q Train”:

We’ve exchanged glances before so I’m pretty sure you’ve seen me on the Q before. You usually get on at DeKalb and get off at Union Square. You’re short (hey, nbd), have straight black hair, have bangs, wear glasses, and sometimes read a book. You were wearing a grey shirt and blue jeans today. We’ve caught eyes a few times, but today was a little different, as you were twirling your headphones. Maybe you wanted me to say hi, maybe not, but you were getting off the train so I didn’t make my move.

Reply back with what distinctive feature I had today and what color shirt I was wearing. Maybe then we can get a drink and discuss what you’re reading.

Sweep those bangs out of your eyes and wipe off your specs, then reply to your admirer here.

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