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Missed Connection At The Owl Farm


Owl Farm Beer
Are you a woman who was sitting at The Owl Farm (297 9th Street) on Thursday night, readingĀ The Oxford Handbook of the Archaeology of Ritual and Religion while enjoying a beer? If so, you caught the eye of a fellow patron:

I crossed the street, went to Fatty Daddy Taco to place an order for a burrito, and then I went to the Lotto/Beer/Tobacco place on the corner of 5th and 9th, and you were there again, looking at the beer cooler. I crossed in front of you, saying, “Beg your pardon,” which you chuckled at. You picked up a sixer of Modello, I picked up hard cider, and you also got a pack of Parliaments (I smoke Mavericks, but I’m trying to quit). You left, crossing 5th Avenue, and I picked up my burrito and went home to write this and watch ‘Thor: The Dark World’.

His Craigslist missed connection post will fill you in on his likes (burritos, Shark Week) and skills (“can make probably the best sandwich you’ve ever had on my Panini press machine”).

Here’s hoping it’s a match, and best of luck to you both!

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