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11-Year-Old Autistic Boy Assaulted By Educator At Brighton Beach’s P.S. 225

P.S. 225 in Brighton Beach (Source: Google Maps)
P.S. 225 in Brighton Beach (Source: Google Maps)

A Department of Education employee allegedly punched an 11-year-old autistic boy at Brighton Beach’s P.S. 225 (1075 Oceanview Avenue), leading to felony assault and other charges, reports the Daily News.

The paper reports:

Milton Parker, 58, a paraprofessional at Public School 225 in Brighton Beach, attacked the youngster last Thursday after he had spilled water on the floor, according to the boy’s father, Anatoly Veltman.

Parker ordered Anatoly, Jr., to clean up the spill, but the boy apparently did not understand what he meant — further enraging the supervisor. He grabbed the boy and punched him in the face, according to court papers.

“The police officer told me Mr. Parker said my son said ‘something racial’ to him,” Veltman told The News. “I spoke to my son and all he could say was he told (Parker) to ‘keep your hands to yourself.’”

The boy, who has the cognitive and social skills of a 6-year-old, was treated at Coney Island Hospital for a possible concussion and severe bruising of his face.

While paraprofessionals are assigned to supervise some special needs students, Parker was not assigned to Veltman.

School security cameras caught the incident on tape, which police reviewed. Parker was charged with felony assault, manacing, harassment and endangering the welfare of a child. He was been suspended without pay.

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  1. How come when police officers murder someone they get restricted duty while remaining on payroll and when school personnel do somethng they are arrested and taken off payroll?

  2. Are you trying to say that this piece of shit didn’t deserve what he got?! Fuck him picking on autistic boys this piece of shit should pick on someone his own size like me!!

  3. Cops are above the law….and they lie most of the time. Not only they remain on payroll, they collect very generous pension, 401k retirement, health benefits with no co-pay (my wife is RN even she pays co-pay) and etc…They are always right and we need to obey our masters

  4. Paraprofessionals should not be allowed near children with special needs. There is a reason why Special Ed teachers hold at least a Masters degree. Paras have no formal training let alone the slightest knowledge of Child Psychology, Sensory Impairment or Work Ethics required to handle a child with disabilities. People without a college degree have no business being in the classroom for reasons other than performing janitorial duties

  5. Yes. I will elaborate. Having a college degree does not ensure that a person will have the patience, kindness and compassion to work with children with special needs.

  6. What ever happened to common sense. That is not learned with all the college degrees one can acquire. In other words, COMMON SENSE CANNOT BE TAUGHT!

  7. How does someone like this get hired in the first place? How does the Education Department screen potential employees?

  8. My son is in a 3rd grade at P.S 225.He was twice injured in this school..Last he was injured by teacher which brought hot tea in the classroom, my son had 3rd degree burns and was hospitalized during 2 weeks in ICU burn unit.Is it normal?

  9. Did the teacher dump the tea on your child or was it an accident? Not saying its ok, but if it was an accident it doesn’t really relate to this story. Since the teacher here went and punched the kid in the face.

  10. You have it backwards. A college degree is not earned through patience. No one with degree or without should be punching a kid in the face. What some of the peple were sayings is why didn’t the guy know better since he has a degree. But this is something everyone should know even without a degree.

  11. Are you out of your mind? Maybe too much “living a hight life”. Having a degree does not make a person better or even smarter, it just gives them a piece of paper. Being human ans caring for people comes from ones heart and up bringing, not from a college classroom!!!

  12. Holding a Masters degree does not make a person caring and compassionate or even give him or her good sense. Trust me, I was in grad school long enough to find that higher education does not make bad people become good people (especially once they become tenured professors, but that’s a rant for another thread).

    My son has had many paraprofessionals work with him. One was great, a few have been really good. The rest are okay. Fortunately, he has not had anyone who was horrible–at least not yet.

    Training and education can help prevent these kinds of problems, but there’s no reason to exclude those who would not be able to obtain an advanced degree but want to work with special needs children from being able to do so.

    Careful screening is also important. School districts are often so desperate to fill these positions that they may ignore warning signs that someone might be trouble or because of labor laws they are afraid to get rid of someone who should not be doing this kind of work until an incident like this happens.


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