Militant Jewish Org Sending Patrols To Marine Park, Calls For Physical Violence Against Neo-Nazis

A swastika found in Gerritsen Beach last week (Source:

A militant Jewish organization announced over the weekend that it will send “security teams” to Marine Park, calling for Jewish residents witnessing anti-Semitic acts of vandalism to “smash the neo-Nazis to pieces physically.”

The Jewish Defense Organization is deploying their patrols in Marine Park, Borough Park and other areas that were recently targeted by anti-Semitic vandals. The neighborhood has been plagued by hate-related graffiti, most recently in late June when a swastika was painted on a sidewalk near a Marine Park synagogue. Last week, swastikas were found on a bulkhead in nearby Gerritsen Beach.

The full text of the announcement, also posted on their website, is below:

JDO is sending its Security Team to Marine Park, Borough Park and other Jewish areas recently painted with swastikas by neo-Nazis. JDO is calling on all Jews in those areas to also patrol. JDO made this statement “Jews if you see anyone painting swastikas on synagogues or Jews homes smash the neo-Nazis to pieces physically. JDO calls upon proud Jews to give the neo-Nazis a taste of Jewish Justice which is a good beating or worse.”
JDO also reminds Jews the neo-Nazis have a headquarters in the Marine Park and an also a second HQ near the edge of Boro Park on West St between Ave U and 4th Ave a block from Ocean Parkway. Also let us say that an attack happened in Williamsburg. The neo-Nazi skinheads have a headquarters on edge Williamsburg on Meeker Avenue. The neo-Nazis in New Jersey firebombed 8 synagogues and one Rabbis home. These neo-Nazis started with painting swastikas and ended up with bombing synagogues!
6 Million Jews Never Again!!

The JDO is one of two vigilante organizations that grew out of the Jewish Defense League, itself a militant group described by the FBI as a “right-wing terrorist group.” The group has dispatched members to neighborhoods after anti-Semitic incidents since its foundation in the early 1980s, including during the Crown Heights riots in 1991. Its leader, Mordechai Levy, was charged with attempted murder in 1989 after allegedly shooting at the leader of a rival militant Jewish organization.

The Jewish Anti-Defamation League says the JDO espouses a “consistent agenda of hate, fear-mongering and intimidation.”

The NYPD’s 63rd Precinct, which serves Marine Park, could not be reached by phone for comment.

A spokesperson in the NYPD’s Office of the Deputy Inspector of Public Information did not sound concerned about the vigilante group’s presence or call for violence during a phone call with Sheepshead Bites, noting, “I have no idea who they are.”


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