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Milestone Park: Still A Sore Sight


Back in August, we received several emails from concerned residents about the nasty state of Milestone Park at 18th Avenue between 81st Street and 82nd Street. One person, or several people, had been dumping household trash in the public park.

Now reader Carmen T. has sent us a photograph that showcases an individual using the park as a personal toilet.

While it is unclear whether or not this occurrence is common, it has certainly become apparent that Milestone Park needs some extra love from us and some extra patrolling from Parks Department officials.

So, have you been to the park lately? How would you describe the state of the park?

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  1. Oh come on. Let’s all be brutally honest here ok…
    The state of the park matches the state of the area now that the demographics have changed. I’m sure I’ll catch crap for writing this, however, as someone born and raised in Bensonhurst, (43 years), I can attest to the fact that “cultural differences” have one recent group of inhabitants as the ones dumping their trash from home out on the streets (I see it all the time). I have even gotten into arguments with people doing this, and all they’d do is make believe they don’t understand me. One time the police even got involved because one happened to be driving by as I was confronting a woman in her pajamas and slippers at 6:30am, with two orange bags of home trash in the act of dropping them under the steps of the 79th street train station! NOT in a trash bin mind you, ON THE SIDEWALK! It’s disgusting. The cop had to try explaining that this was NOT acceptable, and yet the woman STILL was hesitant to go back home with her trash.
    Just look at New Utrecht Avenue, 18th Avenue and 86th Street now. There is trash strewn all over the place. This used to be a neighborhood where everyone used to sweep off the sidewalks, hose down the curbs, and make sure the trash was tied up and in it’s place. Now? It’s just a lost cause.

  2. You shouldn’t catch crap for this because you are speaking the absolute truth. I live near Petrosino park on New Utrecht ave. People toss garbage all around and when you confront them, they act like they have never heard the English language before. I’ve also seen older Asian women washing their armpits in the drinking fountains. It’s enough to make you sick. I remember the days when sidewalks were clean and garbage was in their proper receptacles. Now walking down the street becomes some sort of test. Can you make it home without stepping in anything or tripping over garbage!

  3. Bensonhurst in general has become one huge garbage can! There is garbage strewn on all the major streets and avenues – its disgusting! People are dumping bulk garbage and others just throw trash out their car windows! What can we do do stop this? Any ideas? I was thinking of calling David Greenfield’s office. Whatever happened to those groups of people who had to do community service (for whatever reason) who used to go around cleaning up garbage? Maybe able-bodied people on public assistance should have to work a certain number of hours each week in community service – this would be a good place for them to start!

  4. maybe the city should bring back some garbage cans i live on 20th ave and i dont see a damn garbage can on the ave for blocks which is ridiclious…but some of these people are filthy i cant walk up bay parkway without trying to avoid some nasty trash from those fish and asians markets …

  5. I promise you: have Sanitation watchdogs out at 6-6:30am driving around, and they will catch hoards of women in their pajamas and slippers walking to the corner trash can with their household garbage. Once they catch them dumping it, make THEM do the community service picking up other people’s trash!
    I say make the litterers clean up the garbage.

  6. That would require Sanitation workers to do their jobs. I don’t know how many times I have seen them walk past garbage and not pick it up because it might be too bulky or heavy. Unfortunately until we get some Asian representative involved, this will continue being a cesspool.


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