Mikado Rebrands, Expands Menu With Thai Offerings

I knew a zombie apocalypse would come eventually, but I really thought it would be people rising from the dead. Apparently, in Sheepshead Bay, it’s sushi restaurants.

Mikado Sushi at 1734 Sheepshead Bay Road very quietly closed its doors last week, and it seemed like overnight the sign came down, the interior was renovated, and a new sign went back up. And, suddenly, a new business stood in its place: Tenda Asian Food.

It’s the second time in six months that a sushi restaurant closed down and turned into another sushi restaurant, following the Sakura-Ichiko transformation in June. It just keeps fueling dashed hopes and broken dreams that a cell phone store or pharmacy may one day move into the area.

Anywho, it’s not completely fair to say that Mikado closed down and turned into Tenda. In reality, it’s a rebranding. An employee told us that it was the same owner, but they decided to rename the place and expand the menu. In addition to sushi and Japanese offerings, patrons can now enjoy a number of Thai and Malaysian dishes, including Pad Thai and Malaysian Satay.

It’s kind of like a zombie coming back shooting lasers from its eyes. Kind of.