Midwood Veteran Returns Home After 2 Years In Limbo

	Midwood vet Sam Angert (right) finally coming home to Brooklyn after long struggle to get the military to grant him a discharge. On left is Lt. Jospeh Forton who was killed in the explosion that injured Angert in 2009.
Sam Angert (right) and friend Lt. Joseph Forton, who was killed in the explosion. (Source:NYDailyNews.com)

A Midwood veteran who was severely injured while honorably serving his country in Iraq is finally going home after waiting 28 months to be medically discharged by the U.S. Army.

“It’s been a waiting game for a long, long time,” said Sam Angert in the New York Daily News. “I just wanted to start my life over.”

Angert was told it would take six to eight months for his discharge, but in reality it took 28 months and that was only because Congressman Jerrold Nadler’s office got involved.

“After a terrible and debilitating injury, I am so thrilled that Sam will now be able to end his two-year limbo and, at long last, return home to his family and future,” said Nadler.

In August 2009, Angert was involved in an explosion that gravely injured him and claimed the life of his friend.

Angert’s vehicle was struck by a improvised explosive device, leaving him with pieces of shrapnel in his face and arm. Also, there was severe hemorrhaging from when a piece of steel pierced his skull, sending him into a 19 day coma. After regaining consciousness, he went to Warrior Transition Unit at Fort Belvoir in Virginia to recover.

Overall, Angert has had four cranial surgeries, overcoming predictions that he would never be able to walk again. He plans on attending college and major in psychology, hoping to help out other wounded veterans like him.

“I’ve been fighting for freedom in our country,” said Angert. “Now I just want to go live it.”

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