Midwood Local Strikes It Rich With $5 Million Lotto Win, All Grapes Suddenly Sour Across Southern Brooklyn

Source: aresauburn via flickr
Mmm…Money (Source: aresauburn via flickr)

A Midwood man scratched his way to millions of dollars at an Avenue U card shop. The New York Daily News is reporting that James Geoghan won $5 million from a scratch-off game, which is great, I guess, for him.

The Daily News described the lightning bolt of luck that struck Geoghan, when he bought his winning ticket from the Krish Card Shop (1619 Avenue U):

James Geoghan, 53, of Midwood, won $20 after playing the Maximum Millions the first time – so he decided to buy another $20 ticket at the Krish Card Shop on Avenue U.
“I scratched it off and it said $5 million,” said Geoghan, who is considering buying a new house after taking a lump sum of $3,115,200.“I walked back into the store sort of in shock and showed it to the lady behind the counter. She started screaming, ‘Oh my God, oh my God!’”

Seriously, congratulations to Geoghan. But, still, damnit.

From time to time, I find myself purchasing scratch-off tickets from the ludicrously attractive instant lottery machine located in the Rite-Aid (2981 Ocean Avenue). My hope is “Hey, you never know,” just like the lottery commercials suggests, but the knowledge that a $5 million winner was claimed in Southern Brooklyn pretty much sweeps away all hope that another golden card is out in our area, probably for the rest of the year. Oh well, at least the Publishers Clearing House is free to play.