Midweek Photo: Who's Gonna Fix This?

Emmons Ave railing after car drove into Sheepshead Bay

By now we’ve all heard about the woman and her two kids who, perhaps fed up with the parking situation in Sheepshead Bay, tried landing her car alongside Pier 7 on Emmons Avenue. And, of course, we’ve heard about yet another heroic Sheepshead Bay fisherman saving the day. Yes, the important parts are that no one was hurt. And that fisherman Keith Gorman gets the credit he deserves for his heroic acts. One thing we haven’t heard much about, though, is the damaged railing. So here are some photos taken on Monday. And we’re officially announcing the start of the countdown to the repairs. (Man, I’m glad she wasn’t on my insurance…)

Car drives into Sheepshead Bay, leaving railing on Emmons Ave in disrepair

Oh… and here’s a video for stickin’ around: