Midweek Photo: Sheepshead Bay Marina

This beautiful shot of the Sheepshead Bay Marina was taken by Nimo Photography via Flickr. Look a little too good to be true? That’s because Nimo, like me, is a big fan of HDR (High Dynamic Range) photograpy, a special kind of photography that uses digital processes to capture light and color ranges from multiple exposures of the same images. That allows you to capture shades that a normal photo can’t display. It’s really cool! Check out more of Nimo’s photos for other great examples of this technique.

Update: Looks like we made a BIG mistake! The photo above is actually of a Connecticut marina, not Sheepshead Bay! Apparently Nimo gets around. So, to make up for our boo-boo, we’re giving you an additional photo of the day – the photo we intended to use. This one actually is of Sheepshead Bay: