Southern Brooklyn

Midweek Photo: A Breezy Beach


Reader nolastname sent in this pretty little shot, which looks like it could’ve been taken any time in the last 70 or so years since the Parachute Jump was built. It was taken from Kennedy’s Restaurant, a Breezy Point establishment dating back to 1910.

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  1. The food is remarkable. Everything is freshly prepared and full of flavor.
    I had crab cakes for an appetizer and shrimp stuffed with crab for a main.
    Might even do the Buckleys run to Kennedy’s. NOT. I don’t do runs but I will go back to eat.

  2. Is the original building still standing? I seem to recall that they got damage from various storms over the years. They are in a very vulnerable place.

    I love sepiatone.

  3. Because of the lack of modern hints it looked like it was taken many years
    ago. Sepiatone was popular until the 1930s,

    It looked so authentic I did a double take.



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