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Prosecutors Move To Seize Bank Accounts, Properties Of Rasputin Owner Michael Levitis

Levitis’ home at 1001 Oriental Boulevard. Prosecutors are moving to seize it to repay his alleged victims. (Source: Google Maps)

Prosecutors have filed papers to restrain approximately 40 bank accounts operated by Michael Levitis or those connected to him, and have moved to seize two Manhattan Beach properties in order to preserve funds for victims of his alleged fraud, according to statements by U.S. Attorney Preet Bharara.

The home at 132 Norfolk, also owned by Levitis, which prosecutors are moving to seize. (Source: Google Maps)

According to the indictment, investigators have identified several bank accounts in the name of Levitis, Rasputin, Mission Settlement Agency and alleged co-conspirators which may be turned over to victims of the debt settlement fraud charges revealed this morning. They are also targeting his stake in Rasputin Restaurant, at 2670 Coney Island Avenue.

They also list two properties owned by Levitis – his home at 1001 Oriental Boulevard, and another property at 132 Norfolk Street.

If Levitis is found guilty and ordered to compensate as many as 2,200 victims of fraud through Mission Settlement Agency’s services, the properties will be liquidated to reimburse the victims.

The charges revealed this morning allege that Levitis and three co-conspirators offered debt settlement services, in which they collected fees without doing the services they advertised. Moreover, they are believed to have made false claims about their fees and their track record. And while clients forked over millions of dollars to be paid to their creditors, little if any ever made it that way. Instead, Levitis used it to pay operating expenses at Rasputin, lease two luxury Mercedes, and pay down his mother’s credit card debt.

Aside from the four that were charged this morning, two other Mission sales representatives were also charged: Felix Lemberskiy and Zakhir Shirinov. These two employees have been separately charged and have already pleaded guilty.

Mission Settlement Agency also went by the names Mission Abstract LLC and Alpha Debt Settlement.

Here’s the statement from U.S. Attorney Preet Bharara. Below it is a copy of the indictment against Mission.

Here’s the indictment against Mission.

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  1. Anyone who ever worked with this guy better get their affairs in order because this guy is going to start ratting everyone out.

  2. This guy is gonna fold like a lawn chair. This guys palms were so greased from all the shady shit he’s been doing for years you couldn’t get a grip for shaking it. I’m surprised as dumb and non low key as he was that he didn’t get pinched sooner. He’s down for the count with this one and he’s lucky he skated with his alpha funding scam but once a crook always a crook. Greed is a bitch right Mikey boy? I wonder how that pig of a wife of yours is gonna afford those 20k fur coats now you jerkoff..

  3. I make a funny. Was it by the Oceana. HAHAHAHAHAHA, Dropping like flies. I love it. Slowly I Step, Step by Step. I put my right foot in, I put my right foot out, I put my right foot in and I shake it all about. Was he also of Muslim faith. lol

  4. He wasn’t low key about it at all so as dumb as he was it just shows the fine bunch of idiots (F.B.I) are even dumber. This guys been skeeming for the longest. It wasn’t a secret. Everyone knew, but I do like how fellow Neighbors keep their mouths closed. I love this neighborhood, scumbag skeemers and all. At least everyone minds their own business but steps up to help if someone is being hurt physically. Pretty good balance I’d say.

  5. ofcourse, what skeem wouldnt be complete without an offshore account. just look at that recent medicaid bust. they got the people but cant find the money lol but even if the family or him try to use it theyll get swooped down on. the heats on now. hes got a few FEDERAL strikes against him already. the feds take forever to come but when they finally do they are there to stay. IMO, if there is money stashed, its not a lot. look at the lifestyle he led and he used funds from the fraud to pay off debt at rasputin and LEASED 2 benzes when he had a bentley but had to downgrade. do the math… he was in over his head.

  6. i kinda sorta feel bad for denis “kay”.. you know that slight tingle in the bottom of your balls sadness .. yea that feeling. he wasnt a bad kid.

  7. Everyone goes down with the ship! Why you feeling bad? If he was a nice kid as you say, then he wouldnt be involved in scamming poor innocent ppl with the debt settlement scam. I wonder how many other “Debt Settlement” scam artists are operating in brooklyn….

  8. touche but i was being slightly sarcastic lol. you do the crime than you do the time.. with bubba fucking you the remainder of your sentence. DONT DROP THE SOAP FELLAS!!!

  9. Today is the day I got a Dear Constituent newsletter from my state senator, the once Honorable John Sampson. He informed me of all the good things he has done. Touche, Senator. Welcome to the Jailhouse Rock.

  10. I think this quote from Scarface sums it up:
    Frank Lopez: Hey, Tony. Remember when I told you when you first started working for me, the guys that last in this business, are the guys who fly straight. Low-key, quiet. But the guys who want it all, chicas, champagne, flash… they don’t last.

  11. dam these kids are a bunch of douche bags, they think they are so slick and have that “fake it til you make it” mentally. Only one person was actually getting money and that is Micheal. All these other clowns got used and now what guys, your “BOSS” who is “MAD COOL” is gonna rat on you to get a reduced sentence. Hope three years of making a few dollars was worth the 20 years each you’s are facing. This neighborhood is pathetic and TOOLS like these gentlemen give the Russian PPL a bad name. Sad that a few greedy pricks have to ruin it for the rest of the hard working honest Russian community.

  12. His wife may be able to finally kick start her showbiz career because of this notoriety . Another Victoria Gotti in the making? 🙂

  13. You know what angers me is that you and I and millions like us working hard to make it. And those crooks go on for years and years fleecing the rest of us making millions in the process. I hope all of them get convicted (if the allegations are true). Two houses on manhattan beach?!!! Them alone worth at least 3 mil. What prices of shit!


  15. Oh lets have her on the Russian Mob Wifes. Where her husband is in jail and she has to collect medicare, medicaid, mercedez. Until he comes out of jail and goes to a half way house. And maybe she will open a tanning place, Or like Big Ang. poo, poo, poo All over her face. hahahahahaha

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  18. Prick deserved it 100%. Fucking scumbag, try scamming rich and powerful next time. Scamming ppl with cc debt up to their ears is low and disgusting.


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