Mi Pueblita Bakery Opens On Coney Island Avenue

Photo by Shannon Geis/Ditmas Park Corner
Photo by Shannon Geis/Ditmas Park Corner

We recently posted about a new bakery coming to Coney Island Avenue between Cortelyou and Dorchester roads, and it looks like it is now open!

Photo by Shannon Geis/Ditmas Park Corner
Photo by Shannon Geis/Ditmas Park Corner

Mi Pueblita Bakery, 781 Coney Island Avenue, opened its doors on Sunday, according to the woman running the counter. It looks like they are still in the process of setting up, but their cakes look delicious and we enjoyed the cheese danish we picked up.

Have you checked it out yet? What do you think?

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  1. WOW…those don’t look like Mexican pastries at all? As I Mexican, who was bitching about another Mexican bakery opening around the corner from La Nueva Union…I am happy to see those freshly made turnovers!!!! I wonder if these owners are former employees of John’s Bakery, who learned the tricks of the trade? Remember how all the workers at John’s Bakery seemed to be Mexican! Anyways, good luck to them! Can’t wait to visit them soon!

  2. I was very friendly with the workers from John’s. That would be awesome if they opened this place. I didn’t realize it was right around the corner from me. I’ll be heading there today or tmrw for sure. I miss Johns so much. They got me through many winters with the comforting bakery goodies that I love. If this place has great cupcakes, bagels, all manner of chocolates..I’ll be a happy camper.

  3. Update on my comment below: I really recommend that Ditmas Park Corner writes a follow-up story on this bakery! I purchased a Napoleon cake for my uncle’s birthday this past August and it was incredible! I was pretty shocked because I didn’t expect it to be good…LOL And we ordered it 2 days in advance! You guys need to check them out! The neighborhood deserves to know where they can get delicious birthday cakes around here!!!!

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