Methodist Church Steeples Saved… For Now

United Methodist Church Sheepshead Bay

The towering spires of the 142-year-old United Methodist Church of Sheepshead Bay have been granted a reprieve from being torn down, as church officials switch to a new contractor to handle the structural flaws.

It seems the Korean-dominated religious institution at 3087 Ocean Avenue has parted ways with the Ben Car Building Corp., whose scaffolding has been wrapped around the 80-foot steeples since January. They’re now teaming up with a company that says it can save this iconic part of the Ocean Avenue skyline at manageable costs.

“We had a meeting with a new contractor who told us that it’s possible and affordable to restore them,” Pastor Jay Kyung Kim told Courier-Life. “We’re very happy.”

However, people behind the scenes, who asked to remain anonymous, told Sheepshead Bites that the situation isn’t all roses and sunshine. The reason for dismissal of Ben Car Building Corp. is that the company kept raising costs before even the slightest work was done. It’s still unclear if the new contractor, Brune Reich, will be able to deliver on its promise, and the church may still be inclined to go with removal if it remains the most affordable option. We’ve also heard that a fundraising campaign to ensure preservation may kick off soon.

Sheepshead Bites will continue to follow this story as it develops.

Brune Reich


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