Mess Of The Week: Got Standing Water?

After writing our earlier post regarding West Nile Virus, I walked around trying to find something to use for the Mess Of The Week.

At first, I noticed that the northern end of Bay Parkway was remarkably cleaner than earlier in the summer. While things weren’t eat of the sidewalk clean, mind you, quite a few smelly garbage-stained spots I had planned on using were not nearly as bad as when I first visited them.

I was just about to call it quits when I ran into the mosquito-breeding pool pictured above. Though you can’t tell from the photo, it wasn’t just sitting on the street but behind a fence. And I normally don’t go on private property to overturn basins of filthy water.

Since this is nowhere near Bath Beach, I also didn’t feel it was necessary to drop a dime on the guy. Plus, since we don’t do this column to get hard-working building supers or homeowners in trouble, I won’t disclose the exact address. I will say it’s on Bay Parkway within two blocks of 65th Street.

If you live in or near this building and see the super on a regular basis, please politely remind him or her that this water needs to be dumped out, ASAP.