Mess Of The Week: 63rd Street And Bay Parkway

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Each week, we’ll try to post a different quality-of-life-worsening example of filth from the streets of our fair neighborhood. Whether it’s an overflowing garbage can, litter caused by a lack of trash receptacles, or a smelly stained sidewalk, we want to hear from you- Please send your photos to our inbox. Together, we can clean up our streets one mess at a time!

This week, we have a relatively minor mess. I first spotted this trash can over the weekend, on the corner of Bay Parkway and 63rd Street. It was overflowing with household garbage and surrounded by several large black bags, which were filled with refuse. It appears sanitation workers making pickups this morning took away the bags but for some reason didn’t empty the basket. We’ll bring you an update, as well as a new mess, next week.