Mess Of The Week: 20th Avenue N-Train Station Pigeon Poop

All we can say about this one is that, if you’re reading, I hope you’ve already had your lunch.

I was taking one of my early afternoon walks through the hot, sunny streets of our fair neighborhood when I decided on an air-conditioned subway ride south toward Coney Island. I entered the 20th Ave station of the N Train, expecting the usual in subway aesthetics – peeling paint, stalagmite-covered ceilings,  filth, odors and, since it was an outdoor station, a fair amount of pigeon droppings.

When I found this Eldorado of excrement, I wasn’t disgusted as much as curious. Was this the result of some wild pigeon poop party from the night before? I assured myself that the sheer amount of crapping it took to create this couldn’t possibly have been done in that short of a time…

I could go on to talk about the ineptitude of the people who run the MTA, but we’ve already got a guy who does that.

At this point in my subway-riding life I really don’t expect anything I do or say to have any effect on when this eyesore gets cleaned up, so let’s all take a minute to bask in the green glow of just one of the horrible, horrible sights and smells the nation’s largest public transportation system has to offer.