Mess Of The Month: Bus Stop? What Bus Stop?

Reader Victoria F. sent in the above photo yesterday. It shows the bus stop in front of the Chang Wang grocery store on Bay Parkway near 67th Street. Pretty much everything but the sign at the top of the pole has been obscured by an impressively large stack of cardboard boxes.

Victoria writes:

The piles of discarded boxes and other smelly garbage is 6 feet high and completely blocking the bus stop. Not to mention the fishy stench and a block of double parked cars.

Gotta love that fishy stench!

We’re not sure if the sheer amount of trash has anything to do with the holiday weekend – or if this is normal.

If you pass by this spot on the regular, please feel free to weigh in.

We’re especially interested in hearing from anyone who has ever had the pleasure of using this bus stop. Do you stand in the street (which could potentially be dangerous) or just walk to the next stop? What about small children and the elderly?